The Shop: Out of Business (Hand Tools)

Happy Friday, everybody.


The Shop is a brand new set of objects, accessories, and poses for all things mechanical. Out of Business (a project in three parts) is the last project in the series. It includes all the odds and ends that make your shop into a real, functioning garage.

Hand Tools includes:

12 hand tools, in deco and prop (right & left-hand versions of each), a toolbox/prop and posing object, and a collection file. The toolbox allows you to add Decorgal-style tool props and posing overlays to both arms, as well as some lower body overlays for the legs.


First and foremost, to Coni, for the original concept, alpha testing and troubleshooting.

Nightshift 3D  for all of the models, excluding the toolbox.

id2301 for the toolbox

The Objects

Deco tools

Catalog: Deco/Misc §9-185

Function: Deco

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: Base & handle (screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and scanner), base and tank (torches), base (ratchet)

Egghead stuff: These are the deco versions of the tools.

Prop toolbox

Catalog: Hobbies/Misc §1

Function: Special

Polys: Low

Recolorable subsets: N/A

Egghead stuff: The toolbox works like a prop/overlay box. You can use it to add or remove tools, and pose Sims. It can add Decorgal-style (recolorable) tool accessories to your Sim’s hands. I wrote the overlay BHAVS for ease of use; just one click adds the accessory and adds the pose overlay, and just one click removes the accessory and the pose overlay.

The Overlays

A sampling of some of the prop and overlay combinations that you can use from this set.

Get them here:

Download from Sim File Share

The Shop: Out of Business (Hand Tools)

Download from Mega

The Shop: Out of Business (Hand Tools)

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