Bad Witch Crowns (Accessory Box-Enabled Version)

Happy Friday, all!

Overview: Barbarians at the Gate is a new series of projects dealing with all things barbarian: clothes, weapons, warpaint, and so on.

Bad Witch Crowns: This is the accessory box-only version of all of the crown/crest accessories from Bad Witch 3-11. It adds accessory box versions of all of the original accessories in one convenient box.

Important notes: This set uses “A la carte” rules: it only replaces the accessories themselves, not the Bad Witch clothes.

This set replaces specifically:

From Bad Witch 3: Wolf Queen– the circlet accessory

From Bad Witch 4: The Fallen– the crown accessory

From Bad Witch 5: Darkstalker– the crown & mask accessories

From Bad Witch 7: The Bloodguard– the greathelm & crest accessories

From Bad Witch 8: Artificer– the crest & headband accessories

From Bad Witch 11: Battle Angel– the circlet accessory

This version won’t work if you already have the Tooltipp’d or mfBSOK’d version of the accessory in your downloads.

• When you click on the box’s pie menu for the first time, it can take a minute or two for the game to react. Don’t panic; the game is reading all of the BCONs.


• Having accessories added via an accessory box helps to declutter CAS.

• You can swap out your Sim’s accessories in just a couple of clicks, instead of changing appearance via the batbox or Sim Blender/Inseminator every single time. It’s just more convenient.

• Smaller file size. Because the CAS thumbnails aren’t needed any more, I’ve removed them from the accessories.

Pics in the original post. Get the new toys here:

Download from Sim File Share:

Bad Witch Crowns- ACC Box

Download from Mega:

Bad Witch Crowns– ACC Box

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