Space Rangers ( Muscly Sizes)

Happy Monday, all!

Overview: Same spacy outfits, more musclier bodyshapes.

It comes in matte colors only (I didn’t care much for the shiny finish), in AG, BBG, Amazonian, and Death by Snu-Snu. Wearable as casual or outerwear.

It comes in two versions: Tooltipp’d and nuBSOK’d. Please download only one.

Credits and permissions

As always, Coni for playtesting and moral support.

MDP for the original 4to2 conversion

Marvine for the AG and BBG bodyshapes.

Download from Sim File Share

Space Rangers ( Muscly Sizes)- Tooltipp’d

Space Rangers (Muscly Sizes)– nuBSOK’d

Download from Mega

Space Rangers ( Muscly Sizes)– Tooltipp’d

Space Rangers ( Muscly Sizes)– nuBSOK’d

2 thoughts on “Space Rangers ( Muscly Sizes)

  1. This is the most perfect timing! 😀 I’ve got a couple of alien Sims (male and female) I’m actually considering uploading and that I wanted to use this outfit for, and AG especially is a great bodyshape for the female. So thank you very much for this!


    1. Happy coincidence! I’m glad the upload was timely. I knew as soon as MDP posted the Maxis sizes that I’d be converting the outfit; it’s just perfect for any sci-fi hood. Failing major calamity, the dude conversions should be out next Monday.


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