Midnight at… Command Division Accessories (Accessory Box-Enabled Version)

Happy Monday, all!

Overview: The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. This accessory set is a return to form; I’m updating all of my previously-released accessories with accessory box-enabled accessories.

Midnight at… Command Division Accessories: This is the accessory box-only version of all of the Command Division accessories from the Midnight at… series. It adds accessory box versions of all of the original accessories in one convenient box.

Important notes: This set uses “A la carte” rules: it only replaces the accessories themselves, not any other part of the project. I had to do the Midnight at… sets this way because they’re so expansive and scattered that replacing entire sets would take forever.

This set replaces specifically:

From Midnight at the Quartermaster, Part 3: the Command Uniform Belt and Command Rank Pips folders

From Midnight at the Quartermaster- Action Parkas, Part 1: Only the winter hat mesh and recolor.

This version won’t work if you already have the Tooltipp’d or mfBSOK’d version of the accessory in your downloads.

• When you click on the box’s pie menu for the first time, it can take a minute or two for the game to react. Don’t panic; the game is reading all of the BCONs.


• Having accessories added via an accessory box helps to declutter CAS.

• You can swap out your Sim’s accessories in just a couple of clicks, instead of changing appearance via the batbox or Sim Blender/Inseminator every single time. It’s just more convenient.

• Smaller file size. Because the CAS thumbnails aren’t needed any more, I’ve removed them from the accessories.

Pics in the original post. Get the new toys here:

Download from Sim File Share:

Midnight at… Command Division- ACC Box

Download from Mega:

Midnight at… Command Division– ACC Box

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